Words Their Way Spelling Lists (Syllables and Affixes)



Spelling Lists for the WHOLE YEAR!

No-prep spelling lists for your students! Organized and created based on all 55 sorts with Fry Words incorporated!

Sorts 1-15 focus on 10 words while students understand the routine and expectations at the beginning of the year! Sorts 16-55 ask students to show they know 15 words. There are words that repeat to assure that they are still recognizing their words! There are 5 Fry Words incorporated a the end of each list. These lists are challenging but my students practice with their words twice a day (in class and for nightly homework) before they test on Fridays and have shown they can rise to the occasion and did really well!

I use the following WTW routine in my 2nd grade classroom:

Monday- open sort (students decide how to sort)

Tuesday- closed sort (students use the given chart)

Wednesday- Time sort (2 rounds timed)

Thursday- Blind sort (students play teacher and “test” their partner)

Friday- Glue and test


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