Substitute Classroom Management System



Guest Teachers are the best!

Whether you are a substitute or need one for your class, this is simple and super cute!

This system is super SIMPLE, interactive and great for holding the whole class accountable for their behavior. I created this behavior classroom management system when I was substituting daily because I hated going into a new room each day without having a firm way of holding all students accountable. It’s impossibleto know everything about the classroom and the teacher’s management system! So this is how I managed all grade levels (pre-k to 8) and made the whole class ACCOUNTABLE! I also wanted a really simple, memorable and less time consuming way of leaving a note about the day to the teacher so I created a solution for that too!


-TWO themes- emojis and stars

-A poster for the GOAL

-Interactive Board

-Print and Cut printablesfor interactive pieces

-Summary note for teacher page


This is all a suggestive way to use this tool based on how I created it to work for me! YOU ARE THE TEACHER so you use this however fits your teaching style the best.

-First, pick a theme! There are emoji’s and stars. I typically used the stars with grades pre-k to 2ndand I used emoji’s for 3rdand above!

-After you decide on a theme, print all pages associated with that theme: interaction board (page with grey dots), the goal poster, and the print, cut, laminate page

-Once those are printed, I suggest laminating each page for durability!

-Decide how you want to make the pieces stick to the board: tape, magnets, Velco, etc.


-Find a place in the classroom where everyone can see the poster

-I used the poster as a way to explain my expectations and set the goal of having all three pieces by the end of the day or class (I allowed them to earn pieces back; it’s up to you!)

-Print the summary note for teacher and it fill out at the end of the day


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