School Bulletin Board For Fall Set (BUNDLE)


Need bulletin board sets for the fall? Easy to grade, print and go, engaging activities and common core aligned!


Full bulletin board sets for fall months: September, October, and November!



This is a full bulletin board set for the month of September! This activity is asking your students to set a goal for this new school year on a leaf template. I loved doing this extremely simple activity with my new students because it ties into growth mindset as well as going over the basic structure of writing. I also use this activity to distribute my writing checklists so it’s a great way to demonstrate how to use the checklist and so on.


– Bulletin board letters “Falling Into The New Year!”

– Bulletin board sign for language standard (2nd grade), objective, assignment description and rubric

– Leaf student template with lines

– Checklists for teachers to use for a grade



This is a full bulletin board set for the month of October! This activity is asking your students to think back to all the amazing books you have read together or even read independently and pick their favorite! After they decide what they’re favorite book was from September, they can write why they liked the story and their favorite part of the story. For those students who are not quite there yet with their writing skills, I wrote a sentence stem on the board to help them write the title of their favorite book then they can draw a picture of their favorite part of the book!

**The CC Standard that is an option to display on your bulletin board is for 2nd grade.


– Bulletin board letters “WE’RE BATS FOR BOOKS!”

– Bulletin board sign for reading standard, writing standard, objective, and both rubrics

– Bat silhouettes for students (2 to a page)

– Advanced writing prompt (full page of lines)

– Fewer lines with space for students to draw a picture

– Checklists for teachers to use for a grade



This is a November bulletin board set! The activity included focuses on second grade writing skills, specifically relating to Lucy Calkins. The assignment asks students to create a story about a crow and make their crow come to life by using words to make it MOVE, TALK, FEEL and THINK! My students have needed some practice using words to help describe their characters while they are writing so this was a great assessment to see if they understood how to encompass all the ways to make them come to life! I read the story “The Little Scarecrow Boy” by Margaret Wise Brown as a mentor text because there is great detail about the scarecrow. Their assignment was to focus on the crow and use more words to bring him to life! Even though this was created based on Lucy Calkins, I think the lesson itself really helps many writers of any grade!


– Bulletin Board Signage (WE’RE NOT SCARED CROWS TO WRITE!)

– A student template with lines

– Project information for the bulletin (Assignment explanation, rubric, C.C. standard, and object)

– Mini checklists for fast and easy grading!


– I print my signage on Astro Bright and/or card-stalk to make the letters colorful


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