Red Nose Day Children’s Activities (1st Grade)



Hello my friend!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for supporting this amazing cause as we bring awareness to child poverty. I hope that your students see this day as a way to learn and teach others what they discovered! This is a great day to reflect on our lives and appreciate just how fortunate we are.


•Informational text about Red Nose Day

•Red Nose Day Participation page

•Bulletin board and individual checklist

Math Activity

•Red Nose Day item note page

•T-chart for defining attributes sort

•T-chart for non-defining attributes sort

•Create Your Own Red Nose template

ELA Activity

•Reading comprehension questions

•Venn diagram for comparing a child in poverty to themselves

•If You Were King/Queen Of the World (An opinion piece template to solve child poverty)


While we all would love to continuously pour money into our students, it’s very challenging to do so. I encourage you to go to your local Walgreens and ask them to put aside a red nose every time a customer donates but DOES NOT want to keep the actual red nose. Please be advised that this may not work at every Walgreens because it is up to the managers digression but it’s totally worth a shot! **Please note that items change from year to year so the items may not exactly replicate the current years item. There will be a new nose, pen, bracelet and pin each year so just verbalize that to your students until you are using 2018’s items again!

I would absolutely LOVE to see you and your students celebrating this awesome day so share your memories with me on Instagram @myastrobrightlife!

Don’tforgettoleavefeedback on this resource to get your TpTcredits to use toward your next purchase!

All the best,

Mary Fran at myastrobrightlife


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