Outer Space Classroom Theme- Math Displays

Confession: I HATE MATH! I know that I am not alone in this at all but trust me when I tell you I hate math. Honestly, “hate” doesn’t even accurately describe my feelings toward it. So when I realized that I will be teaching all subjects (aka MATH), I died a little inside…at first. If you missed it, I am moving from second grade ELA and Social Studies to self contained first grade. You can read all about the trauma of me going through it here.

But, I have decided to turn the page and get myself PUMPED for this grade level change. After much thought, I figured moving rooms was going to be the perfect time to go with a decor theme. This school year, my classroom is going to have an outer space theme! I’m going to be sharing everything that I have created with you to get you excited and inspired for the new year!

Number Line & Number Posters

Outer Space Classroom Decor- Number Line & Number Posters

As I said before, I hate math. Which also means, teaching math is not my strong suit in any way. But creating this beautiful outer space classroom decor has honestly gotten me a little more excited for it! I taught first grade for a few months right out of college so I had to reach WAY back in my memory to think about what concepts we learned. To start, every lower elementary classroom needs a number line. I created this GORGEOUS outer space number line with highlighted 10s for my students to easily skip count! To go with the number line, I created number posters. I thought it was really important to include the spelling of each number under the display as well as a ten frame (which I remember using A LOT in first grade).

Outer Space Classroom Theme- 2D Shape Poster

The other memory of first grade math that I have is of geometry (a subtopic that doesn’t sit well with me either). Like I said, I’m turning a page! To trick myself into getting exciting about teaching geometry, I made breathtaking 2D shape posters. Not only one set, but TWO because I wanted to keep in mind ink usage and also I just loved how both came out… Hahah!

I didn’t know it was possible for me to be excited to teach math, but here I am… happy as a clam with my beautiful number line just waiting for me to tape up in my new first grade classroom. What subject do you like teaching best (comment below)?!

Talk soon with more amazing outer space classroom decor!

Mary Fran at MyAstroBrightLife

Can’t Get Enough?!

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