School Bulletin Boards Sets for Fall

Are you already starting to think about your school bulletin board for the fall? Well I don’t just have one bulletin board idea for the fall for you, I have three! I have a bulletin board idea for September, October and November. These school bulletin board sets are easy to grade, print and go, include engaging activities and common core aligned! They are also a great way to showcase your students while showing admin how thought out each bulletin is.

School Bulletin Board for September

My school bulletin board for September is all about the basics! At the beginning of each school year, I focus on growth mindset and the fundamentals of reading and writing. This bulletin board set includes a writing template for your students that is the shape of a leaf to declare their goal for the new school year. The bulletin board kit also comes with the bulletin board quote “Falling Into The New Year!”. The best part about this bulletin board kit is the grading tool that’s included. I love to create checklists to grade with because it makes everything so quick and easy! Therefore, I included individual checklists that I like to cut and tape on the back of each students’ work (which also shows the criteria that they are being graded on). The last part of this school bulletin board set is the bulletin board details. The details are the Common Core Standard that is tied to this activity, the objective of the activity, the description of the activity, and rubric (checklist) that students are being graded with. This added information for your bulletin board is sure to WOW your administration!

Simple Checklist (Grading Tool!)

Each bulletin board set follows the same structure: bulletin board quote (I always try to make it punny- ’cause puns are LIFE!), student template, grading tool, and bulletin details (assignment descriptions, CC standards, rubrics, and objective).

School Bulletin Board Idea for October

School Bulletin Board Idea for October
Student Work for October’s Bulletin Board

October is one of my absolute favorite bulletin board ideas. I love getting to know my students by seeing what their favorite books are. It can be books they are loving from our classroom library or books that I have read aloud to them (I read one almost every single day, which I hope to do again this coming year!) This bulletin board set has your students essentially writing book recommendations. It’s so fun! This activity has different student template options for your students as well. I teach two classes and one has more developed writing skills than my other; therefore, I am able to ask more of them and differentiate for my other kiddos.

School Bulletin Board Idea for November

School Bulletin Board Set for November
Student Work for November Bulletin Board

November is when we completely in our curriculum. My school uses Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Workshop. Even if you don’t use that curriculum, this activity is so fun and really allows your students to be creative. I read the story The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown aloud to my students. We had been learning how to make our characters move, talk, feel and think in our writing. After reading the story aloud, we talked about how Margaret Wise Brown made her character (the Little Scarecrow) come to life! Then students were to make their crow come to life on their crow template. It was so fun to read their narratives.

Well I hope you enjoyed my school bulletin board ideas for fall! I really enjoyed creating these bulletins for my students. Everyone always enjoyed the displays that we created and my administration always appreciated the details about the assignment being included. These bulletin board sets are quick and easy to grade, engaging for students, eye-catching and easy to impress your administration with! Check out my store to see what else I can do to make your school year easier!

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