Emoji Behavior Clip Chart!

I am all about positive reinforcement! In my classroom, I try my best to acknowledge each student at least once a day for something that they are doing well. I have many positive classroom management strategies that I use everyday. A clip chart is super helpful with assuring that you’re students see their good behavior rewarded and how their poor choices have immediate consequences.

When I was substituting last year, I realized I needed my own classroom management tool for all grade levels so I used emoji’s to help me out. Since they were such a hit, I decided to use emojis for my positive language clip chart! I love the language used because it makes the student take accountability and ownership for their actions. I think that’s a life skill that is imperative because reflective thinking makes for better humans! None of these posters refer to parent contact, losing privileges, etc. because they focus on working through their problems and, again, being reflective.

The best part about this clip chart is that you can use it however you see fit! There are 6 different colored posters: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. I have friends who use blue, green, yellow and red and others who love all 6 options. I hope that you can use this in your classroom and that your students are excited and motivated to do their best!

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