Guys… I did something crazy. I did something unthinkable. I did something SELFISH.

I have no problem saying that I am, honestly, obsessed with being a teacher. I’m in my honeymoon phase because it’s my first year having my own class, my own students, my own everything! I have done nothing but think and talk about my classroom and students since I officially got hired in second grade. There are so many days where all I do is think about the next books I want to buy or how I want to try something new. Like I said, the honeymoon phase.

Don’t get me wrong. There are so many days where I think to myself, “I have no idea how I’m going to get through this year.” But even on those horrible days, weeks or, heck, even months where I feel like I’m drowning, I have yet to dread going to work the next day.

But I was sitting through a PD day when I got an email from Scholastic. Now, I am slightly obsessed with Scholastic and I had NO idea all the magical-ness it contained until this year. So I open it and see there is a major sale! Someone must have thought I was gambling online due to my intense and frantic clicking and gasps. I mean, I was excessively excited…

After the frenzy died down, I look at my cart; $137! I was so willing to do it when something made me close the tab and delete the email. I was sitting there feeling guilty and disappointed that I wasn’t going to get new books that were exciting for my classroom library. But then I started to think about the fact that I just had this internal battle with myself about buying makeup and skin care because I was running out. I mean, I was literally surviving on travel and sample size things because I was absolutely dreading the feeling of buying something for myself. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?!?!?

So it was right then and there when I decided I was going to Ulta the very next day and I was going to buy new makeup! I wasn’t just going to buy the makeup I needed but I was going to buy one thing (because I’m crazy and needed to limit myself in some aspect) that I have always WANTED. I know many will think that makeup and skin care is a ridiculous thing to spend money on but it’s what makes me happy. (Fun fact: I wanted to go into cosmetology before I figured out I wanted to be a teacher.)

Moral of the story: BE SELFISH! From time to time, you need to put yourself first. As teachers, or good humans in general to be honest, we so innately want to give and make others happy because it really does feel good. But there needs to be a balance! There are moments where you need to look around and make sure that YOU’RE ok. So, one more time, for the people in the back, IT’S OK TO BE SELFISH! Take care of yourself so that you can continue to do everything and anything your great big heart desires. ❤️

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