February Academic Bulletin Set (Cause & Effect)

Let’s talk bulletins….

I used to love them until they became something I always forgot about. My administration requires our bulletins to be authentic work from students that is tied to CC. We also need to display our objective and a description of the assignment. 🤪

Yes, it’s a lot!!!! But luckily I’ve found my rhythm and have done all the hard work for you. I’ve put together these bulletin sets that include all student templates, checklists for quick and easy grading, and all the bulletin displays that admin might be looking for! 

February’s bulletin focuses on cause and effect! The book we did a lot of work with in January was Sneezy the Snowman. I was obsessed and so were my kiddos!!! They loved rereading it and working with it differently. It was an amazing story to introduce cause and effect. Even though it’s not directly tied to common core, it really helps students understand and answer why and how questions. “Why did he melted?” “Because he drank hot cocoa!” 

Check out the bulletin set for February with more details in my TpT store (link in my bio)! 

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