Real Life Teacher Problems

“So you just get to play with kids all day?”

It’s our favorite question right?! Haha! I was making a MILLION copies (cause let’s be real… the copier is the real MVP but also the Bain of our existence) as usual and when I was done I plopped everything on my desk. Then I realized ten thousands other things I needed to do before I had to get my students.

When I came back, I just looked at my desk and sighed… “I’ll organize it while they eat breakfast” I thought. Well then it was one “Ms. Usenik” after another; next thing I know it’s time to line up and begin my first class. 

Something many don’t know is that teachers NEVER sit at their desk! Which is why my small group table is my “desk”. Somehow the piles on my desk disappear as I need to meet more and more needs. Out of nowhere it’s time to dismiss and you realize all you’ve done is shoved the piles into one REALLY tall one. 

This is the real life of a teacher. Many look at my classroom and think it’s all rainbows and Pinterest. Some may even think that this isn’t bad. But this is the only place in my classroom that is hands off for my students. Everything else is theirs. And I want it that way. And if I need to make my space smaller for them to learn and give them what they need, I’m ok with it. So no, I don’t play with kids all day. I provide for kids all day. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️

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