Wednesday Wisdom: Focus on the Sunshine!

It’s all about your mindset. In this picture, do you focus on the sun or the snow that it’s lying on? 
Teaching is overwhelming AF! I have been freaking out that I’m not done with my MOY testing lately. Today was no different but I chose teaching over testing. I was sitting on the floor with a group of kiddos and we were learning the concept together because I needed to learn it too!! It could have been a moment that so easily could be seen as negative because I wasn’t getting to testing as fast I had planned. But instead, I focused on the positive, that I’m bonding with my students and modeling that adults also learn new things and make LOTS of mistakes.
So this is my reminder to you this week: focus on the sunshine!!! Even if it’s a sliver of light seeping through the darkest of places. You can do it!!!

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